Back From Mission Possible and Alive to Tell It

Well, hello everyone! 

First of all, thanks for all of the nice emails and well wishes on Facebook.  Also, thank you for all who continued to sign up for my newsletter while I was gone.  Well, I am back now and hope to be getting some really awesome articles out soon.

It seems like it has been forever, since I have been here, but I did learn quite a bit about aging, life, and business.  Without going into too much detail, I was thrown into—without any preparation—a caregiving role for an elderly parent.  No training, no preparation, no instruction manual.  … Read the rest »


The Best Small Business Advice I Gave in 2016

Looking back to 2016, I must say I really did get my soapbox out and roll up my sleeves and deliver the good news of self-employment to the cubicle farmers and the downtrodden of 9-to-5. Most of this is what I learned while attending Hard Knocks University.   Then again, maybe it was 12 Steps for Hard Headed People

Well, anyway I must say that in 2016 I did pour out my advice and passion when it came to business advice to small business owners.

The articles in alphabetical order are:

4 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck TodayRead the rest »


15 Companies I Introduced in 2016




Did you meet these 15 WAH companies or websites in 2016?

These 15 websites were introduced and reviewed in 2016.  Some fit the freelance category, and some are more work-at-home types of jobs.  However, opportunity did come knocking in 2016.

Even though I do encourage others to go their own road as far as their true calling and personal livelihood and get their own individual clients in their own business, sometimes you still need work on the side to build your dreams.  This is what I did in my own personal life.   I worked a couple of … Read the rest »


Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions Longer Than 3 Weeks!


Is this finally going to be the year that you finish your MBA?

On a personal note, are you also planning on losing those 20 pounds that have plagued you for years?

Are you also going to use your gym membership that you are still paying for?

With the New Year fresh among us, many of us in our personal lives would like to make New Year’s resolutions to: lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, and save money.  These are just a few of the most commonly stated New Year’s resolutions. 

And like most well-intentioned individuals, the resolution will … Read the rest »


Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016

Even though my blog is still fairly new, it did manage to work out its own little top 10 blog posts list.  I am just bursting at the seams with all of the things that I have planned for 2017—both online and offline.  And yes!  I have many more great posts spinning around in my head and keyboard just bursting to get out. 

I hope that all of you will stick around and be able to use this blog as one of the many available resources for searching for home business ideas, work from home ideas, and just plain old … Read the rest »


How to Defend Your Dreams Without Ruining Your Holiday Meal


Are you dreading the holidays this year?

Are you worried that friends and family are going to be asking you a lot of nosy questions?

Are you worried about what you will say or wondering if you should say anything to defend your dreams?

What Are the Holidays Really For Anyway?

One of the best things about the holidays is sitting down to festive meals with friends and family.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or something else—the holidays are about family, fun, and food!

Many of the foods served even have a particular story or tradition attached to them.  … Read the rest »


HireMyMom.com–Where Moms Restart Their Careers at Home


Are you a professional who put your career on hold to stay at home with your kids?

Do you still want to “be there” for your kids, but bring money into the household?

Then HireMyMom.com might be the answer that you’ve been seeking. 

What Exactly is HireMyMom?

HireMyMom is a work-at-home job site, where businesses outsource jobs and moms apply to them.  Jobs can be short-term or long-term as well as paid by the hour or paid by the project. 

The jobs are in a variety of professions such as:

  • administrative
  • research
  • writing
  • graphic design
  • editing
  • accounting
  • web design
  • customer
Read the rest »

Hubstaff Talent–Freelancing Without the Fees



Are you a freelancer who is fed up with finding good clients and spending too much time and money to do so?

Are you tired of really hard-to-navigate freelance websites that basically just “steal” jobs from other sites?

Are you also looking for a site that is easy to navigate and doesn’t charge you fees on top of your PayPal fees?

Then Hubstaff Talent might be the answer that you’ve been awaiting. 

What Exactly is Hubstaff Talent?

Hubstaff Talent is a freelance job site, where both businesses and freelancers can connect with one another via the online platform or … Read the rest »


A Thanksgiving Day Message

Being Thankful Everyday

As you prepare to sit down to your Thanksgiving Day feast, please take a moment to be thankful.  Sometimes it is so easy to not be happy with where you are in life or in your career or even how some things have turned out.  It could always be worse.  Just remember that.

If you can start your day every day with an attitude of gratitude, you would realize that you still have so many things to be thankful for.  Look at how many things that you have overcome in your lifetime.  When you feel discouraged, look in the mirror … Read the rest »


How to Find Your Perfect Work-At-Home Job

Find Your WAH JobI constantly get emails from individuals who want me to find the “best” or “perfect” work-at-home job for them.  Now, don’t get me wrong as a PFYP™ career coach, I love helping people, but I want to do more than help—I want to empower.  Knowledge is power.  How many times have you heard that? 

I want to teach them how to fish and not just give them the fish.  Plus, while work from home jobs can be nice and there are some good ones out there, I’d really like to see most of you launch your own side hustle or … Read the rest »