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Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016

Even though my blog is still fairly new, it did manage to work out its own little top 10 blog posts list.  I am just bursting at the seams with all of the things that I have planned for 2017—both online and offline.  And yes!  I have many more great posts spinning around in my head and keyboard just bursting to get out. 

I hope that all of you will stick around and be able to use this blog as one of the many available resources for searching for home business ideas, work from home ideas, and just plain old … Read the rest »


How to Get Business Through Volunteering


Are you passionate about sharing your newly formed business?

Are you limited on money to spend for marketing or advertising?

Are you getting into the holiday spirit?

Then you may want to volunteer in your community and gain more visibility for your business, skills, expertise, and how you uniquely deliver what you do.

Is There a Downside to Volunteering?

Obviously there is. As a small business, you may be limited to the amount of time that you can donate to volunteering, so make it count. Don’t let it become overwhelming, but limit it, enjoy it, and use it to promote … Read the rest »


Is Your Business A Winter Wonderland or An Arctic Blizzard?

Winter Wonderland

Does your business align with your interests and passions?

Does it still hold the awe and excitement of a once winter wonderland?

Or does it feel more like an arctic blizzard with no way to see or predict what to do next?

As I write this article, we on the East Coast are right in the middle of Old Man Winter.  I, personally, love the change of seasons so I tend to wax a bit poetic.  So if I seem to use a great deal of puns and imagery in this particular article, I hope you will understand and still … Read the rest »