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How Not to Dress Like a Slob When Working From Home

You Can Dress For Success Even When Working From Home

Working from home has its perks. Some like not working on a set schedule. Others love not having to deal with face-to-face meetings or traffic jams.

After a while, you can get a little too comfortable. You’ll find yourself working on your laptop in bed. Maybe you don’t want to get out of bed or change out of your pajamas.

I, too, work from home, so I understand. But, I still manage to pull together something. It’s not hard to dress for your job – even if your job is … Read the rest »


7 Reasons Why You Are Miserable at Your Day Job


Can We Get Honest For a Minute?

Yes, we all know how you start getting depressed on Sunday nights.  Then come Monday, it’s the Monday Morning Blues.  Inside your head, The Mamas and The Papas are singing, Monday, Monday.

Have you ever really sat down and asked yourself why this is?  There are numerous reasons, but if you are truly honest you will find that everything probably fits into these seven reasons.  This article could just as easily be entitled, Why People Go Down the Wrong Job Road.

Then Why Do You Stay at Your Work if

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Work When You Want at Byron Assistants


Are you looking for a very flexible work-at-home opportunity?

Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant?

Do you want to log in and work whenever you want?


Then keep reading, because Byron Assistants might be just what you are looking for?

What Exactly is Byron Assistants?

Byron Assistants is an online, virtual company that hires virtual assistants to work as independent contractors doing a variety of duties for a variety of clients.  If selected, you will be put through their own training and certification program.

You will be able to just log in whenever you want and … Read the rest »


Looking For VAs at Vicky Virtual


Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant?

Would you like for all of the marketing to be done for you?

Do you want to get started somewhere with someone?

Well, then Vicky Virtual might have something for you.

What Exactly is Vicky Virtual?

Vicky Virtual is a virtual assistant company, which began in 2014, that hires virtual assistants to basically answer the phones for companies.  If you have ever been an administrative assistant in a company, then you know that there are days when the phones just seem to ring off the hook.  You can’t seem to get … Read the rest »


Ryze Up and Network Today!



Are you someone who uses social media to network or find work?

Are you perhaps someone who uses social media to make new friends?

Are you always on the lookout for the next social media channel?

Well, then listen up and read up!  Ryze might have something for you—maybe or maybe not.

What Exactly is Ryze?

It has been billed the oldest social network founded in 2001.  Ryze (pronounced “rise”) was founded by Adrian Scott, who was also the founding investor for Napster.  Anyone remember Napster?  Just a little social media history here, Facebook was founded in 2003, … Read the rest »


15 Companies I Introduced in 2016




Did you meet these 15 WAH companies or websites in 2016?

These 15 websites were introduced and reviewed in 2016.  Some fit the freelance category, and some are more work-at-home types of jobs.  However, opportunity did come knocking in 2016.

Even though I do encourage others to go their own road as far as their true calling and personal livelihood and get their own individual clients in their own business, sometimes you still need work on the side to build your dreams.  This is what I did in my own personal life.   I worked a couple of … Read the rest »


HireMyMom.com–Where Moms Restart Their Careers at Home


Are you a professional who put your career on hold to stay at home with your kids?

Do you still want to “be there” for your kids, but bring money into the household?

Then HireMyMom.com might be the answer that you’ve been seeking. 

What Exactly is HireMyMom?

HireMyMom is a work-at-home job site, where businesses outsource jobs and moms apply to them.  Jobs can be short-term or long-term as well as paid by the hour or paid by the project. 

The jobs are in a variety of professions such as:

  • administrative
  • research
  • writing
  • graphic design
  • editing
  • accounting
  • web design
  • customer
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Hubstaff Talent–Freelancing Without the Fees



Are you a freelancer who is fed up with finding good clients and spending too much time and money to do so?

Are you tired of really hard-to-navigate freelance websites that basically just “steal” jobs from other sites?

Are you also looking for a site that is easy to navigate and doesn’t charge you fees on top of your PayPal fees?

Then Hubstaff Talent might be the answer that you’ve been awaiting. 

What Exactly is Hubstaff Talent?

Hubstaff Talent is a freelance job site, where both businesses and freelancers can connect with one another via the online platform or … Read the rest »


Lionbridge Now Hires Online Shopping Raters

Online Shopping Evaluator

Would you like to work with an established company that also has other work-at-home opportunities?

Do you enjoy online shopping and are familiar with the process?

Are you looking for something non-sales related?

Then Lionbridge might have something for you.

What Exactly is Lionbridge?

Many of you work-at-homers will recognize Lionbridge as the place that hires search engine evaluators to do site testing.  Nothing has changed there.  It still does offer that position.  However, they now offer part-time online shopping rating for those who may not want to do the search engine evaluations. 

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts Lionbridge has … Read the rest »


If You Have Ever Considered Becoming a Virtual Assistant–Reminder!–Closed


Want to Be a VA?


Back in the day when I became a virtual assistant, one of the people who was the biggest influences on me was Tawnya Sutherland from VANetworking.com.  She really helped steer me in the right direction, and she is still doing it for others after all of these years.  

I know I constantly get email from readers who wonder if the virtual assistant industry has anything for them.  While I do have my eBook that I have written, I still consider Tawnya one of the early pioneers in the virtual assistant industry.

Why You Are Not Alone

Getting … Read the rest »