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7 Reasons Why You Are Miserable at Your Day Job


Can We Get Honest For a Minute?

Yes, we all know how you start getting depressed on Sunday nights.  Then come Monday, it’s the Monday Morning Blues.  Inside your head, The Mamas and The Papas are singing, Monday, Monday.

Have you ever really sat down and asked yourself why this is?  There are numerous reasons, but if you are truly honest you will find that everything probably fits into these seven reasons.  This article could just as easily be entitled, Why People Go Down the Wrong Job Road.

Then Why Do You Stay at Your Work if

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Lionbridge Now Hires Online Shopping Raters

Online Shopping Evaluator

Would you like to work with an established company that also has other work-at-home opportunities?

Do you enjoy online shopping and are familiar with the process?

Are you looking for something non-sales related?

Then Lionbridge might have something for you.

What Exactly is Lionbridge?

Many of you work-at-homers will recognize Lionbridge as the place that hires search engine evaluators to do site testing.  Nothing has changed there.  It still does offer that position.  However, they now offer part-time online shopping rating for those who may not want to do the search engine evaluations. 

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts Lionbridge has … Read the rest »


Transcription For Everyone Hires New and Seasoned Transcribers

New Transcribers Welcome at TFE


 Do you want to transcribe from home for a growing company?

Are you a beginning transcriber just waiting for the chance to get started?

Would you be like to work for a company that provides training and advancement?

Then Transcription for Everyone might be something for you to look into.

What Exactly is Transcription for Everyone?

Transcription for Everyone is a company which hires remote transcribers at all levels to do all types of transcription including legal and business.  The formats will vary from spoken to digital or video.

The USA headquarters is in Cleveland, Ohio with the main … Read the rest »


Tutor Students in Your Spare Time at TutorABC



Do  you have a good ear for spoken American English?

Have you ever tried tutoring before and enjoyed it?   

Would you enjoy working with students to help them improve their English?

Then becoming a tutor at TutorABC might be something for you to get excited about! 

What Exactly is TutorABC?

TutorABC is a site which hires English speaking tutors to help Asian students of all ages practice their spoken English.  With this, you would be working with children, teens, adults, and sometimes even entire families.  The majority of the students will come from China, but some will also come … Read the rest »


Work at Cambly and Enjoy Helping Students Practice Their English

Make Money at Cambly


Do you have a love for helping others and the English language? 

Are you okay with talking in front of a webcam? 

Is a flexible, non-phone job something that you have been looking for?

Well, then Cambly might have something for you.

What Exactly is Cambly?

Founded by two former Google employees as well as being staffed by several other former Google employees, Cambly was founded on the premise that language can best be learned by practicing it with preferably a native speaker.  Cambly students speak a total of 30 languages as well as live in 130 different countries.… Read the rest »


Can You Really Make $50 a Survey at Opinion Research Signup?

Survey Taking


Do you like taking surveys online?    

Would you like to make up to $50 a survey?

This article will explore a new survey site called Opinion Research Signup.

What Exactly is Opinion Research Signup?

Opinion Research Signup claims to be a survey site paying between $2.50 for each survey and up to $50.00 for longer surveys with $10.50 for answering your first online survey.  According to a letter that I received in the mail in late May 2016, they would pay up to these amounts in Amazon gift cards and not cash.

The letter introduces the company stating that … Read the rest »


Work at Firegang and Enjoy a “Dental” Work-at-Home Job

Marketing For Dental Practices

Were you once in the dental profession?

Do you enjoy working with marketing companies?

Are you really not sure at this point what type of work-at-home job that you would like?

Then perhaps, Firegang has something for you.

What Exactly is Firegang?

Firegang is a dental marketing company that hires individuals to work at home in a variety of capacities ranging from virtual assistant to phone sales to content writers.  There seems to be enough variety of jobs offered that there should be something of interest for just about anyone.

Firegang tends to post its jobs on both its … Read the rest »


Write Product Reviews and Earn Money at Bestcovery.com

Write Product Reviews at Bestcovery.com

Do you like to write?

More specifically, do you like to write product reviews?

How about writing product recommendations?

Then, Bestcovery might be a site worth your investigation.

What Exactly is Bestcovery?

Bestcovery is a site which pays people to write product reviews and recommendations. The reason Bestcovery hires these writers is to help consumers “make educated buying decisions through well-researched and concise recommendations of products and services.”

This would be for someone with strong writing skills and a targeted niche.  You would become what is known as a Bestcovery expert.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Bestcovery Expert?

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Try Product Hunt As An Extra Income Stream

Product Hunt Apps


Are you someone who frequently uses apps to do a variety of things?

Have you ever thought about developing your own app?

Would you like a place to sell that app once you get it up and running?

Well, Product Hunt might be the place for you.

What Exactly is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a place where both apps developers and apps users meet.  Apps developers are looking for those wishing to purchase their app, and apps users are looking for the latest apps that they cannot live without.  There are also gadgets and other technology there as … Read the rest »