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Get Back In Control Today

Get Back Control Today

Do you often feel as if troubles are walking all over you?

Do you continuously operate in an overwhelming, stressed state?

Do you long to take back control of your life, business, and today?

Well, this article will discuss 10 (ten) ways to do get back into control starting today.


At first glance, doubtlessly positive thinking or intuition and real life challenges have nothing to do with one another.

In any case, anyone—including you—who has ever faced challenging life circumstances can create negative assumptions based on what you are seeing as you go through it.  As fellow human … Read the rest »


7 Secrets to Less Stress and Greater Problem Solving

Solve Your Own Problems

Do you consider yourself to be a resourceful person?

Are you actually able to own most of your own mistakes?

Do you believe you have overall more strength than stress?

While most of us would consider ourselves “too blessed to be stressed”, still we manage to feel most days have become an ongoing battle to try to tame our stress levels.  Just making it through the day becomes our daily mission.

Evening Out the Joy and Sorrow Ratio

Most of us would agree that there are times when we just seem to have more stress, issues, and problems than overall … Read the rest »


Are You Really Lazy or One of These 5?

Are You Really Lazy

Are you really lazy or is it something much deeper? 

Do you worry that you are becoming a chronic procrastinator?

While you may pawn off your lack of success or being where you want to be by merely stating that, “I’m just so lazy about doing __________.”  But sometimes the truth is much more revealing than that.  Have you thought about why you procrastinate more than you’d like?

For this post I will be using the terms “lazy” and “procrastinating/procrastination” interchangeably.  Even though they can have different meanings on their own.

Maybe Your Procrastination Is Really Perfectionism in Disguise

For … Read the rest »


4 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck Today

Getting Unstuck Strategy

What’s really holding you back from reaching your potential? 

Perhaps today, you’re crossing paths with this message because it’s a question that has come time for you to answer too.  Maybe you’ve been stuck in a less than healthy relationship dilemma.  Or in your career.  Maybe it’s about weight loss or your history of underachieving and overspending. 

Wherever you’re stuck, I’ve got news for you:  You don’t have to stay stuck.
Being stuck is not a permanent condition.  It is very reversible.  It is unlike a lost limb that can never grow back.  Again, it is reversible.  It’s just getting … Read the rest »


Give Yourself and Your Business A Spring Break

Enjoy a spring break.

Do you need a break? 

Many of us do, but the real question is, “Will you take time for one?”  Those of us alive today are living at a faster pace than any human beings who’ve ever walked the planet. 

Advertisers bombard us by telling us all what we cannot live without and how it’s now on sale.  Tech gadgets tell us how we can all “save” time, but as soon as we save time we find more things to fill our time with.  This often raises our expectations about how much we can accomplish with the time we have … Read the rest »


No One “Got” This Woman’s Comedy

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me

This was a great read from a woman who has had to make her own success by NOT banking or dovetailing on the success of her famous father. In her book, Jokes My Father Never Taught Me, Rain Pryor, decided to create her own style of comedy despite the problems she encountered.  

For years, she struggled with rejection. No one “got” her comedy—it was a different genre than what was currently being performed. It was also different from her famous father’s brand of comedy. However, despite these setbacks, she went on to create her own unique style—her own USP … Read the rest »


What Your Father Has to do With Your Financial Success or Failure

A Father's Influence

By Wendy Baldwin, a guest writer

Let me tell you a story…

Eugene’s single-wide trailer house, parked on the outskirts of town wasn’t much to look at. But it was the best he could afford with his meager wages. His ratting 1969 Ford Galaxy that he bought with 235,000 miles on the odometer sat in the dirt driveway beside the weathered porch.

He married his high school sweetheart two months after graduation. Baby Sarah burst into the world 10 ½ months later. Eugene’s heart swelled as big as a ripe watermelon in summer at the sight of his daughter’s contagious … Read the rest »


Reviving the Age-Old Practice of Bootstrapping

Love My Savings

This article originally appeared in WAH Adventures and was so popular that I was asked to post it here as well.  With permission from WAH Adventures, of course.  Enjoy!


Are you good at networking and trading services with others?

Are you able to come up with creative solutions to save money?

Are you able to find free services that actually work well for your business?

Then you must be practicing the age-old practice of bootstrapping. Learning to bootstrap in your life and business will start you off on the right path to keeping your expenses under control while … Read the rest »


Confronting Your Fears With a New Boldness

Make Everyday a Fearless One

Almost daily, I will receive emails from friends, fellow coaches or business owners writing about how they want to move forward with a new project or business but they are “just too afraid”.  “Just too afraid” does that describe you?

One of my favorite coaches, Barbara Sher, describes fear as the “gatekeeper of our comfort zones.”  Fear becomes a sign to our inner being that we are getting ready to try something new or take an unknown risk.  So, if you start to feel afraid, you could actually be doing something very right.

Most of us are familiar … Read the rest »