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How to Find Your Perfect Work-At-Home Job

Find Your WAH JobI constantly get emails from individuals who want me to find the “best” or “perfect” work-at-home job for them.  Now, don’t get me wrong as a PFYP™ career coach, I love helping people, but I want to do more than help—I want to empower.  Knowledge is power.  How many times have you heard that? 

I want to teach them how to fish and not just give them the fish.  Plus, while work from home jobs can be nice and there are some good ones out there, I’d really like to see most of you launch your own side hustle or … Read the rest »


Lionbridge Now Hires Online Shopping Raters

Online Shopping Evaluator

Would you like to work with an established company that also has other work-at-home opportunities?

Do you enjoy online shopping and are familiar with the process?

Are you looking for something non-sales related?

Then Lionbridge might have something for you.

What Exactly is Lionbridge?

Many of you work-at-homers will recognize Lionbridge as the place that hires search engine evaluators to do site testing.  Nothing has changed there.  It still does offer that position.  However, they now offer part-time online shopping rating for those who may not want to do the search engine evaluations. 

Based in Waltham, Massachusetts Lionbridge has … Read the rest »


If You Have Ever Considered Becoming a Virtual Assistant–Reminder!–Closed


Want to Be a VA?


Back in the day when I became a virtual assistant, one of the people who was the biggest influences on me was Tawnya Sutherland from VANetworking.com.  She really helped steer me in the right direction, and she is still doing it for others after all of these years.  

I know I constantly get email from readers who wonder if the virtual assistant industry has anything for them.  While I do have my eBook that I have written, I still consider Tawnya one of the early pioneers in the virtual assistant industry.

Why You Are Not Alone

Getting … Read the rest »


Become a Remote Technical Agent at Replenish PDX

Work at Replenish PDX

Do you have experience working as a remote customer service agent? 

Do you consider yourself technically savvy and able to troubleshoot problems?

Do you only want to work three days a week?

Well, then my friend Replenish PDX might be just the right work-at-home (WAH) fit for you. 

What Exactly is Replenish PDX?

Replenish PDX is a company that specializes in nutritional health as a lifestyle and to some degree as preventive or holistic medicine.  They also promote detoxing and cleansing as part of a  healthy lifestyle.  The company seems to be expanding in many directions, but for this post … Read the rest »


3 Apps For the Self-Employed



Are you an apps lover?

Are you always on the lookout for apps that keep you organized?

Are you also a fan of apps that help you save time?

Well, then listen up!  You might greatly benefit from these three apps—especially if you are self-employed.

While these three apps aren’t designed specifically with the self-employed in mind, they almost should be as accommodating as they are.  I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I love apps that help me save time and money.  Over the years, I certainly have written about and fallen in love with several apps that Read the rest »


Try Product Hunt As An Extra Income Stream

Product Hunt Apps


Are you someone who frequently uses apps to do a variety of things?

Have you ever thought about developing your own app?

Would you like a place to sell that app once you get it up and running?

Well, Product Hunt might be the place for you.

What Exactly is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a place where both apps developers and apps users meet.  Apps developers are looking for those wishing to purchase their app, and apps users are looking for the latest apps that they cannot live without.  There are also gadgets and other technology there as … Read the rest »