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Work When You Want at Byron Assistants


Are you looking for a very flexible work-at-home opportunity?

Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant?

Do you want to log in and work whenever you want?


Then keep reading, because Byron Assistants might be just what you are looking for?

What Exactly is Byron Assistants?

Byron Assistants is an online, virtual company that hires virtual assistants to work as independent contractors doing a variety of duties for a variety of clients.  If selected, you will be put through their own training and certification program.

You will be able to just log in whenever you want and … Read the rest »


Looking For VAs at Vicky Virtual


Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant?

Would you like for all of the marketing to be done for you?

Do you want to get started somewhere with someone?

Well, then Vicky Virtual might have something for you.

What Exactly is Vicky Virtual?

Vicky Virtual is a virtual assistant company, which began in 2014, that hires virtual assistants to basically answer the phones for companies.  If you have ever been an administrative assistant in a company, then you know that there are days when the phones just seem to ring off the hook.  You can’t seem to get … Read the rest »


Ryze Up and Network Today!



Are you someone who uses social media to network or find work?

Are you perhaps someone who uses social media to make new friends?

Are you always on the lookout for the next social media channel?

Well, then listen up and read up!  Ryze might have something for you—maybe or maybe not.

What Exactly is Ryze?

It has been billed the oldest social network founded in 2001.  Ryze (pronounced “rise”) was founded by Adrian Scott, who was also the founding investor for Napster.  Anyone remember Napster?  Just a little social media history here, Facebook was founded in 2003, … Read the rest »


If You Have Ever Considered Becoming a Virtual Assistant–Reminder!–Closed


Want to Be a VA?


Back in the day when I became a virtual assistant, one of the people who was the biggest influences on me was Tawnya Sutherland from VANetworking.com.  She really helped steer me in the right direction, and she is still doing it for others after all of these years.  

I know I constantly get email from readers who wonder if the virtual assistant industry has anything for them.  While I do have my eBook that I have written, I still consider Tawnya one of the early pioneers in the virtual assistant industry.

Why You Are Not Alone

Getting … Read the rest »