How Do You Begin Living Out Your True Calling and Livelihood?

The answer is you just do it. Not overnight, but with the right type of guidance. I will provide that guidance and coaching, which will be tailored to helping you discover the authentic you. This is the you who was born with a calling, a purpose, and way to live them both out which only you can do.

I won’t lie to you. It will take work, but once you uncover and rediscover the work you were born to do, work will even take on a new meaning for you. This is work that will be in alignment with your life and lifestyle, not a constant work/life balancing act.

As George Eliot once said, “It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses.”

Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of this new vision for your life?

My Powerfully Purposed For Success career coaching is NOT traditional, career coaching. While it can be, most people are looking for something else. Traditional career coaching has always been more focused on doing what you are good at. Let’s compare the two:

Traditional Career Coaching
My Type of Career Coaching
degrees and certifications

When you and I begin working together, we will brainstorm possible income streams for you to implement.  You can then begin to live your new life and make money doing so. I will teach you why it is important to have more than one income stream, and why you should never depend on just one income stream.

As an entrepreneur myself for many years, before becoming a coach, I will help you to avoid many of the common mistakes.  Yes, I really do want to be “Your Vocational Visionary”™.

So, which Powerfully Purposed For Success Coaching Program is right for you?

That will depend on you and how many sessions you feel you will need and how intensely you want to work with me on finding your true calling and being able to implement it. I will also help you produce additional income streams from that calling.  Let me first assure you that all coaching programs come with:

  • accountability
  • tips and tools
  • printed materials
  • online materials
  • customization
  • research
  • encouragement
  • entrepreneurial advice

I offer six coaching plans:

Best Value – The Seven-Person Success Team – This group coaching session consists of seven people all wanting to change their current career paths or situations.  Learn from your team members what it takes to change course.  Grab your six “besties” and sign up or wait for the next available class.  This plan includes four 60-minute group coaching sessions.  Bring your note pads.  Price $25.00 per person per session. 

Brain Droppings in My Email – This quick plan is great for those with just one quick “brain picking” question.  No need to sign up for the full coaching hour or program, especially if you really don’t have the time.  Just send me the one question in an email or using the contact form on this blog.  I will answer it in three well thought out paragraphs.  Price $25.00 for the answer prior to email delivery.

The One-Stop Basic – This one-on-one plan is a great option for someone who needs to brainstorm and get a few ideas for “what they really want to be when they grow up” or explore an old dream.  This plan includes one 90-minute coaching session with one follow-up email of the outcome. Price: $175.00 

The Bronze PPFS Program – This one-on-one plan is a great option for someone who may already have an idea for one or more income streams, but needs help with the implementation.  This plan includes four weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with four follow-up emails (one after every session). Price $500.00

The Silver PPFS Program – This one-on-one plan is a great option for someone who already has the idea for one or more income streams, but needs help with both the implementation and the marketing.  This plan includes seven weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with seven follow-up emails (one after every session). Price: $900.00

The Gold PPFS Program – This one-on-one plan is a great option for someone who already has the idea for one or more income streams, but needs help with the implementation, marketing, and virtual office and staff set-up.  This plan includes ten weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with ten follow-up emails (one after every session). Price $1,200.00

Feel free to go to the contact page and let me know which coaching program appeals to you.

While I hope that you are now ready to take the first step in rediscovering and reinventing yourself, but if you aren’t—fine. I understand. Change is scary and not for the faint of heart. To be your authentic self in a society where one-size-fits-all, takes courage.

So, if you are not quite ready to take that leap of faith, then I would like to recommend two resources below that have helped me get on my own road to true livelihood.  Next to the Good Book, of course.  They are:

Secret Thoughts

This book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.


mdh300Audio Series  by Dr. Valerie Young & Friends              

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