Is It Okay to Just Want a Career Change and Not a Business?

Of course, it absolutely is okay.  We at Powerfully Purposed For Success have never been against jobs or traditional careers, and we never will be.  While there are those coaches that will make you feel as if something is wrong with you if you don’t want your own business or piece of fame–we are NOT one of them.  We respect everyone’s Calling and individual gifts a and talents.

As long as that career is in alignment with your true authentic self–yes!  Sometimes it really is easier to have a career or even go through a career change depending upon what you want.

Obviously, I would be leery of anyone wanting to do surgery out of their home or something similar–not to mention the legal ramifications they would face!  Some careers to not always translate well into a business or freelance career.  Now, many individuals will use their experience to “hang their consulting shingle”, which is fine.  You can always package your expertise and experience into a consulting or coaching career.  However, not everyone wants to do that.

Learn to Define Success for Yourself

By all means, get a job or a career of your choosing.  You can always add a side hustle or freelance career on the side if you so desire.  We also offer resume help and are here to assist in that.

We have also partnered with Indeed as well as Job Ranger to bring you some of the best jobs out there.  Some are freelance, but some are not.

What to Do if You Are Stuck

If you are stuck, not a problem.  It does happen.  Please feel free to reach out using the contract form on this website.