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The Best Small Business Advice I Gave in 2016

Looking back to 2016, I must say I really did get my soapbox out and roll up my sleeves and deliver the good news of self-employment to the cubicle farmers and the downtrodden of 9-to-5. Most of this is what I learned while attending Hard Knocks University.   Then again, maybe it was 12 Steps for Hard Headed People

Well, anyway I must say that in 2016 I did pour out my advice and passion when it came to business advice to small business owners.

The articles in alphabetical order are:

4 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck TodayRead the rest »


Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions Longer Than 3 Weeks!


Is this finally going to be the year that you finish your MBA?

On a personal note, are you also planning on losing those 20 pounds that have plagued you for years?

Are you also going to use your gym membership that you are still paying for?

With the New Year fresh among us, many of us in our personal lives would like to make New Year’s resolutions to: lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, and save money.  These are just a few of the most commonly stated New Year’s resolutions. 

And like most well-intentioned individuals, the resolution will … Read the rest »


How to Find Your Perfect Work-At-Home Job

Find Your WAH JobI constantly get emails from individuals who want me to find the “best” or “perfect” work-at-home job for them.  Now, don’t get me wrong as a PFYP™ career coach, I love helping people, but I want to do more than help—I want to empower.  Knowledge is power.  How many times have you heard that? 

I want to teach them how to fish and not just give them the fish.  Plus, while work from home jobs can be nice and there are some good ones out there, I’d really like to see most of you launch your own side hustle or … Read the rest »


Why You Must Have Multiple Streams of Income


What is the one thing that can assure your financial independence from a J-O-B (Just-Over-Broke)?

What one thing could become both Plan A and Plan B?

What should you do to implement this multiple income stream concept?

By far, having more than one income stream will be working on your behalf to insure you always have work and money.  We at Powerfully Purposed For Success were taught to call multiple income streams “profit centers” but whatever you call them—you need more than one income stream.

Why Are Multiple Income Streams So Important on the Way to Right Livelihood?

Multiple streams … Read the rest »


Give Yourself and Your Business A Spring Break

Enjoy a spring break.

Do you need a break? 

Many of us do, but the real question is, “Will you take time for one?”  Those of us alive today are living at a faster pace than any human beings who’ve ever walked the planet. 

Advertisers bombard us by telling us all what we cannot live without and how it’s now on sale.  Tech gadgets tell us how we can all “save” time, but as soon as we save time we find more things to fill our time with.  This often raises our expectations about how much we can accomplish with the time we have … Read the rest »


No One “Got” This Woman’s Comedy

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me

This was a great read from a woman who has had to make her own success by NOT banking or dovetailing on the success of her famous father. In her book, Jokes My Father Never Taught Me, Rain Pryor, decided to create her own style of comedy despite the problems she encountered.  

For years, she struggled with rejection. No one “got” her comedy—it was a different genre than what was currently being performed. It was also different from her famous father’s brand of comedy. However, despite these setbacks, she went on to create her own unique style—her own USP … Read the rest »


Is Your Business A Winter Wonderland or An Arctic Blizzard?

Winter Wonderland

Does your business align with your interests and passions?

Does it still hold the awe and excitement of a once winter wonderland?

Or does it feel more like an arctic blizzard with no way to see or predict what to do next?

As I write this article, we on the East Coast are right in the middle of Old Man Winter.  I, personally, love the change of seasons so I tend to wax a bit poetic.  So if I seem to use a great deal of puns and imagery in this particular article, I hope you will understand and still … Read the rest »


8 Tactics Anyone Can Use to Start and Grow a Business

piggy bank

Last week I had lunch with a former colleague, and she asked me how I had managed to start and grow a business in one of the worse recessions next to the Great Depression. I thought about it, and realized that I wasn’t doing anything different than I had done before.

See, I have learned to use these eight tactics for business growth which work in good times and bad times. When my husband and I had our real estate business, we did these. When I had my arts and crafts business, I did these. Now in my coaching practice, … Read the rest »