7 Tests That You Should Take Before Becoming Self-Employed


Do you think you have what it takes to go freelance?

Or do you dream of owning the small business of your dreams?

Have you ever wondered if there isn’t an entrepreneurial bone or two in your body?

Well, here is a list of seven tests that you can take to help you see your strengths and weaknesses.   The last three tests are non-traditional and more motivated to show you your passions, calling, and interests.  The first four are more geared towards traditional career advice as they will show you what you should be good at doing.  Even though … Read the rest »


Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur This Week

blues-singer singing as an entrepreneur


Are you one who can quickly embrace change and move quickly to make things happen?

Are you a self-starter who is naturally curious?

Do you usually see the “big picture”?

Well then good for you.  You are a born entrepreneur, and hopefully the rest of the population can also adopt your level of thinking.

Why Try to Think Like an Entrepreneur?

One of the biggest problems that I see when people come to me and want to start a business is that they are trying to be entrepreneurs, but with an employee mentality.  The minute they open their mouths, … Read the rest »


Why It Is Okay to Fail In Your First Attempt at Self-Employment



Why it’s okay to whatF-f-f-fail?

There I said it.  Fail.  I dropped the f-bomb.  Well, not that f-bomb!

You are probably thinking about now, that I must not be much of a coach to say that it is okay to fail.  However, it truly is okay to fail in your first or even second attempt at self-employment. Now, I have said it again.  It is okay to fail.

There are people so afraid of failure that they are afraid to even attempt a small business.  They are so all-consumed with what-if, what-if.  So, what if you … Read the rest »


7 Secrets to Less Stress and Greater Problem Solving

Solve Your Own Problems

Do you consider yourself to be a resourceful person?

Are you actually able to own most of your own mistakes?

Do you believe you have overall more strength than stress?

While most of us would consider ourselves “too blessed to be stressed”, still we manage to feel most days have become an ongoing battle to try to tame our stress levels.  Just making it through the day becomes our daily mission.

Evening Out the Joy and Sorrow Ratio

Most of us would agree that there are times when we just seem to have more stress, issues, and problems than overall … Read the rest »


Are You Really Lazy or One of These 5?

Are You Really Lazy

Are you really lazy or is it something much deeper? 

Do you worry that you are becoming a chronic procrastinator?

While you may pawn off your lack of success or being where you want to be by merely stating that, “I’m just so lazy about doing __________.”  But sometimes the truth is much more revealing than that.  Have you thought about why you procrastinate more than you’d like?

For this post I will be using the terms “lazy” and “procrastinating/procrastination” interchangeably.  Even though they can have different meanings on their own.

Maybe Your Procrastination Is Really Perfectionism in Disguise

For … Read the rest »


Is Your Business A Winter Wonderland or An Arctic Blizzard?

Winter Wonderland

Does your business align with your interests and passions?

Does it still hold the awe and excitement of a once winter wonderland?

Or does it feel more like an arctic blizzard with no way to see or predict what to do next?

As I write this article, we on the East Coast are right in the middle of Old Man Winter.  I, personally, love the change of seasons so I tend to wax a bit poetic.  So if I seem to use a great deal of puns and imagery in this particular article, I hope you will understand and still … Read the rest »


Are Entrepreneurs Really All That Lucky?

Girl With PackagesEverywhere you go people just seem to throw the word “luck” out there left and right. You’ll hear things like “He was lucky” or “Well, just my luck.  It didn’t work out.”

It’s as if there was some unforeseen force out there manipulating the circumstances without us having any control or choice in the matter—no matter what we do or think.

Well, there are plenty of people out there that do believe in luck and will carry a charm or rabbit’s foot with them or even pay psychic big bucks to change their luck.  Without getting too sidetracked here from … Read the rest »


Why Your Daily Affirmations May Be Holding You Back

Affirmations Not Working

No matter how hard you try, do you feel that your “positive pep talks” just aren’t working?

Well, you certainly aren’t alone, and I will tell you what to do about it.

Many of us have been told by a coach, a friend or other well-meaning individual, that we should stand in front of the mirror each morning before we start our day and say something very affirming out loud.  This will give us the courage to reach our goals and achieve many wonderful successes. 

And many of us start out, trying to do just that.  But somehow it just … Read the rest »