Get Back Control Today

Do you often feel as if troubles are walking all over you?

Do you continuously operate in an overwhelming, stressed state?

Do you long to take back control of your life, business, and today?

Well, this article will discuss 10 (ten) ways to do get back into control starting today.


At first glance, doubtlessly positive thinking or intuition and real life challenges have nothing to do with one another.

In any case, anyone—including you—who has ever faced challenging life circumstances can create negative assumptions based on what you are seeing as you go through it.  As fellow human beings, we are constantly disappointed with our difficulties and problems and don’t always know where to turn.  We are many times in the midst of feeling overpowered and overwhelmed by life’s circumstances. This negative standpoint, then makes it considerably harder for us to deal with those major challenges and push ahead.

Rehearsing constructive thinking and affirmations will permit those of us with challenging circumstances to concentrate on our qualities and achievements.  This will help expand on our joy and inspiration. Thus, this will permit us to invest more energy gaining ground, and less time feeling down and stuck.

What Are the 10 Ways for Getting Back Into Control?

The following tips give down-to-earth suggestions that you can use to help you move into a more assertive, in-control frame of mind: 

  1. Take Good Care of Yourself – It’s much less demanding to be positive and in control when you are eating healthy, working out, and getting enough rest. This should be common sense to most of us, but it is usually one of the first things to be forgotten when challenges come our way.
  1. Remember the Things You Are Grateful For – Hassles and difficulties don’t appear to be entirely as bad when you are forcing yourself to remember the things that are right and good with your life. Taking only 60 seconds a day to stop and welcome the great blessings that you have experienced will have a colossal effect on your ultimate goal setting.
  1. Search for the Proof Instead of Making Assumptions – A fear of not being acknowledged in some cases drives us to expect that we realize what others are considering, however our fears are typically not reality. In the event that you have an apprehension that a friend or relative’s awful inclination is because of something you did, or that your colleagues are covertly tattling on you when you turn your back, speak up and ask them.  Try not to waste time stressing or merely assuming.  
  1. Cease from Using Absolutes – Have you ever told a friend or colleague “You’re ALWAYS late!” or whined to a companion “You NEVER call me!”? Thinking and talking in absolutes like “never” exacerbates things.  It programs your cerebrum into trusting that specific individuals are unequipped for performing or living up to what they have said or promised.
  1. Withdraw From Negative Thoughts – Your suspicions can’t hold any control over you on the off-chance that you don’t pass judgment on them. On the off-chance that you see yourself having a negative thought or operating in fear, detach from it and don’t dwell on it.
  1. Squash the “ANTs” – In his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Dr. Daniel G. Amen discusses “ANTs” or  AutomaticNegative Thoughts. These are the awful thoughts that are generally reactionary, similar to “Those individuals are chuckling, they must be laughing at me,” or “The manager needs to see me? It must be terrible!” When you see these contemplations, understand that they are just ANTs and squash them!
  1. Rehearse Lovin’, Touchin’ and Squeezin’ (Your Friends and Family) – You don’t need to be a mental health professional to know the advantages of the human embrace.  Positive physical contact with companions, friends and family, and even pets, is a mood-lifting moment that can help.  One study on this subject had a waitress touch some of her clients on the arm as she gave them their restaurant checks. The waitress actually received higher tips from the clients that she touched than from the ones she didn’t!
  1. Expand Your Social Activity – By expanding social activity, you diminish dejection. Constantly surround yourself with solid, cheerful individuals, and their positive energy will rub off and influence you!
  1. Volunteer for an Organization or Help Someone – Everybody feels great when making a difference. You can volunteer your time, your cash or your assets. The more positive energy that you place out into the world, the more you positive events you will get out of the world.  
  1. Use Patterns to Interrupt Stagnation – On the off-chance that you wind up stagnating in a situation, an awesome approach to stop it is to challenge yourself and drive yourself to accomplish something totally diverse. Stagnation resembles hyper-concentrate on something negative. It’s never beneficial, in light of the fact that it’s not problem-solving or solution oriented.  It’s simply extreme stress. Take a stab at changing your physical surroundings to deviate from your stagnating circumstances.  Go for a walk, read or turn on some music.

When Conventional is Still the Norm

With regards to the corporate world, conventional is basically the norm. To know the things expected to do are the nuts and bolts of efficiency,  However connectedness and having a relentless personality makes for genuine profitability.

There are also the individuals who appear to function admirably under pressure; however, they’re extraordinary ones.  Most of us are human beings and just plain flawed and blemished. To get anxiety under our control, we will ignore the real issues. Now and then it takes a touch of bravery to remind us that we’re catering to yet trying to steer clear from workaholism.

In Conclusion

Make an effort towards putting forth a valiant attempt at taking control of our own space.  Hence, we need to take control today of our own lives and do it today, the only day promised.

How do you plan on taking control today?






PFYP Certified Career Coach
Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!


Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!

3 thoughts on “Get Back In Control Today

  1. Great tips! Everyone has those days where you’ve feeling a bit down or negative about everything, and it can be really hard to get out of that mindset. I love your tip about squashing the ANTs! I’ve not heard that expression before, but I love it! Expanding social interaction is also a big one. I’m actually looking at volunteering at the local yoga studio just so I can have a bit more interaction.

    1. Hey, Kelly! Thanks for stopping by.

      Volunteering is a wonderful way to move into a different mindset. You know there are so many things that happen to us that are really out of our control. However, it is reaction to them that really helps us get back into control.

  2. I recently read a friend’s book that will be published soon on Amazon called “The Grateful Tide”. She talks about the power of being thankful and grateful in day to day life. I love how you mentioned it here. I feel it is important to remember all the precious things life has given us in order to be successful.

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