7 Tests That You Should Take Before Becoming Self-Employed


Do you think you have what it takes to go freelance?

Or do you dream of owning the small business of your dreams?

Have you ever wondered if there isn’t an entrepreneurial bone or two in your body?

Well, here is a list of seven tests that you can take to help you see your strengths and weaknesses.   The last three tests are non-traditional and more motivated to show you your passions, calling, and interests.  The first four are more geared towards traditional career advice as they will show you what you should be good at doing.  Even though … Read the rest »


A Thanksgiving Day Message

Being Thankful Everyday

As you prepare to sit down to your Thanksgiving Day feast, please take a moment to be thankful.  Sometimes it is so easy to not be happy with where you are in life or in your career or even how some things have turned out.  It could always be worse.  Just remember that.

If you can start your day every day with an attitude of gratitude, you would realize that you still have so many things to be thankful for.  Look at how many things that you have overcome in your lifetime.  When you feel discouraged, look in the mirror … Read the rest »


Get Back In Control Today

Get Back Control Today

Do you often feel as if troubles are walking all over you?

Do you continuously operate in an overwhelming, stressed state?

Do you long to take back control of your life, business, and today?

Well, this article will discuss 10 (ten) ways to do get back into control starting today.


At first glance, doubtlessly positive thinking or intuition and real life challenges have nothing to do with one another.

In any case, anyone—including you—who has ever faced challenging life circumstances can create negative assumptions based on what you are seeing as you go through it.  As fellow human … Read the rest »


4 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck Today

Getting Unstuck Strategy

What’s really holding you back from reaching your potential? 

Perhaps today, you’re crossing paths with this message because it’s a question that has come time for you to answer too.  Maybe you’ve been stuck in a less than healthy relationship dilemma.  Or in your career.  Maybe it’s about weight loss or your history of underachieving and overspending. 

Wherever you’re stuck, I’ve got news for you:  You don’t have to stay stuck.
Being stuck is not a permanent condition.  It is very reversible.  It is unlike a lost limb that can never grow back.  Again, it is reversible.  It’s just getting … Read the rest »


7 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Focused

focus Almost daily, I talk to people who state that they really want to change their job or career situation, if only they could stay focused.

At that point, they usually pause and start naming all of the things that keep them unfocused. You’ve probably heard or even used a few of these excuses yourselves.

Excuses such as:

  • If I didn’t have kids in soccer.
  • If I didn’t have so much yard work to do.
  • If my spouse would help around the house more.

After a while, they start to sound like, “If Idda. If Idda.” Many times they will … Read the rest »