2 Proven Reasons You Need a Holiday

Do you look forward to taking time off for the holidays?

Do you also try to combine a little vacation time with a holiday? 

Or do you just take a “mental health day” once in a while and skip the vacation?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these, all I can say is good for you.  Just remember to do it more often.

What Did Freud Have to Say About This One?

Sigmund Freud once said, “A holiday is a permitted—or rather a prescribed excess, a solemn violation of a prohibition.” 

It’s sad how sometimes we have to … Read the rest »


Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions Longer Than 3 Weeks!


Is this finally going to be the year that you finish your MBA?

On a personal note, are you also planning on losing those 20 pounds that have plagued you for years?

Are you also going to use your gym membership that you are still paying for?

With the New Year fresh among us, many of us in our personal lives would like to make New Year’s resolutions to: lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, and save money.  These are just a few of the most commonly stated New Year’s resolutions. 

And like most well-intentioned individuals, the resolution will … Read the rest »


How to Defend Your Dreams Without Ruining Your Holiday Meal


Are you dreading the holidays this year?

Are you worried that friends and family are going to be asking you a lot of nosy questions?

Are you worried about what you will say or wondering if you should say anything to defend your dreams?

What Are the Holidays Really For Anyway?

One of the best things about the holidays is sitting down to festive meals with friends and family.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or something else—the holidays are about family, fun, and food!

Many of the foods served even have a particular story or tradition attached to them.  … Read the rest »


Happy Memorial Day and Please Do Remember!

Memorial Day






Wishing everyone a very Happy Memorial Day!

While you are out and about on this Memorial Day enjoying the cookouts, fireworks, parades or awesome mattress sales—take a moment to reflect on your many freedoms.  The freedom to worship where you want.  The freedom to choose where to live.  The freedom to pursue your dreams. 

Even the freedom to discover your true livelihood and purpose and start living it out.  This is the mission that we have here at Powerfully Purposed for Success.

However, also remember that all of this freedom, which we have previously mentioned, … Read the rest »