No One “Got” This Woman’s Comedy

Jokes My Father Never Taught Me

This was a great read from a woman who has had to make her own success by NOT banking or dovetailing on the success of her famous father. In her book, Jokes My Father Never Taught Me, Rain Pryor, decided to create her own style of comedy despite the problems she encountered.  

For years, she struggled with rejection. No one “got” her comedy—it was a different genre than what was currently being performed. It was also different from her famous father’s brand of comedy. However, despite these setbacks, she went on to create her own unique style—her own USP … Read the rest »


Meet New Romantic Fiction Writer, Chase Monet


Chase Monet

This blog post is an interview with Chase Monet, author of Secrets of a Cheating Heart.  I have known Chase for years, and she is a perfect example of someone working from home yet pursuing her real passion—writing fiction.  Chase is also a good example of something we are always coaching people to do here at Powerfully Purposed For Success—having multiple income streams.  She successfully juggles multiple income streams and freelance projects all while working from home.

Now, fast forward to Fall 2015.  All of this has paid off handsomely for Chase, because her first romantic fiction book, … Read the rest »