7 Reasons Why You Are Miserable at Your Day Job


Can We Get Honest For a Minute?

Yes, we all know how you start getting depressed on Sunday nights.  Then come Monday, it’s the Monday Morning Blues.  Inside your head, The Mamas and The Papas are singing, Monday, Monday.

Have you ever really sat down and asked yourself why this is?  There are numerous reasons, but if you are truly honest you will find that everything probably fits into these seven reasons.  This article could just as easily be entitled, Why People Go Down the Wrong Job Road.

Then Why Do You Stay at Your Work if

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Visit or Start Your Own Repair Café

Are you someone whose nickname is “Mr. or Ms. Fix It?”

Are you someone who enjoys contributing to the community?

Are you someone who is concerned about the environment and recycling?

Then maybe you should attend or start your own Repair Café.

What Exactly is a Repair Café?

A Repair Café is a place where people in the community meet how-ever many times a month to volunteer to fix things.  Volunteers with special “fix it” skills show up while visitors to the café bring broken things such as computers, bikes, stereos, jewelry, lamps, and just about anything else.  Many times … Read the rest »


Back From Mission Possible and Alive to Tell It

Well, hello everyone! 

First of all, thanks for all of the nice emails and well wishes on Facebook.  Also, thank you for all who continued to sign up for my newsletter while I was gone.  Well, I am back now and hope to be getting some really awesome articles out soon.

It seems like it has been forever, since I have been here, but I did learn quite a bit about aging, life, and business.  Without going into too much detail, I was thrown into—without any preparation—a caregiving role for an elderly parent.  No training, no preparation, no instruction manual.  … Read the rest »


The Best Small Business Advice I Gave in 2016

Looking back to 2016, I must say I really did get my soapbox out and roll up my sleeves and deliver the good news of self-employment to the cubicle farmers and the downtrodden of 9-to-5. Most of this is what I learned while attending Hard Knocks University.   Then again, maybe it was 12 Steps for Hard Headed People

Well, anyway I must say that in 2016 I did pour out my advice and passion when it came to business advice to small business owners.

The articles in alphabetical order are:

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Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions Longer Than 3 Weeks!


Is this finally going to be the year that you finish your MBA?

On a personal note, are you also planning on losing those 20 pounds that have plagued you for years?

Are you also going to use your gym membership that you are still paying for?

With the New Year fresh among us, many of us in our personal lives would like to make New Year’s resolutions to: lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising, and save money.  These are just a few of the most commonly stated New Year’s resolutions. 

And like most well-intentioned individuals, the resolution will … Read the rest »


How to Defend Your Dreams Without Ruining Your Holiday Meal


Are you dreading the holidays this year?

Are you worried that friends and family are going to be asking you a lot of nosy questions?

Are you worried about what you will say or wondering if you should say anything to defend your dreams?

What Are the Holidays Really For Anyway?

One of the best things about the holidays is sitting down to festive meals with friends and family.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or something else—the holidays are about family, fun, and food!

Many of the foods served even have a particular story or tradition attached to them.  … Read the rest »


Know the 4 Buying Signals From Your Customers

Know Buyer's Body Language

Do you know when a buyer is ready to close a sale and take your product or service?

Do you know how to listen for these four signals?

More importantly, do you know how to tune in and lead the customer to the sale?

Why Everyone is Really In Sales

I know what you are thinking.  You just don’t like sales.  You are NOT a salesperson.  You basically just want to be a cake decorator and decorate amazing cakes out of your own home—living happily ever after.  Or you just want to be a dog groomer or a freelancer graphic Read the rest »


How to Get Business Through Volunteering


Are you passionate about sharing your newly formed business?

Are you limited on money to spend for marketing or advertising?

Are you getting into the holiday spirit?

Then you may want to volunteer in your community and gain more visibility for your business, skills, expertise, and how you uniquely deliver what you do.

Is There a Downside to Volunteering?

Obviously there is. As a small business, you may be limited to the amount of time that you can donate to volunteering, so make it count. Don’t let it become overwhelming, but limit it, enjoy it, and use it to promote … Read the rest »


How Unpaid Time Off Can Make You Richer


Have you been dragging lately?

Are you exhausted with way too much to do?

Is it becoming increasingly harder for you to find time for those special projects?

Then my friend, it may be time for you to take a sabbatical.

What is a Sabbatical?

If you have been self-employed for any length of time, then you know that you do not get paid vacation days, paid holidays or any of those former employee benefits.  To some members of the self-employment crowd, this may seem downright scary as it would leave a significant gap in income.

Basically, a sabbatical refers … Read the rest »


Why You Must Have Multiple Streams of Income


What is the one thing that can assure your financial independence from a J-O-B (Just-Over-Broke)?

What one thing could become both Plan A and Plan B?

What should you do to implement this multiple income stream concept?

By far, having more than one income stream will be working on your behalf to insure you always have work and money.  We at Powerfully Purposed For Success were taught to call multiple income streams “profit centers” but whatever you call them—you need more than one income stream.

Why Are Multiple Income Streams So Important on the Way to Right Livelihood?

Multiple streams … Read the rest »