7 Secrets to Less Stress and Greater Problem Solving

Solve Your Own Problems

Do you consider yourself to be a resourceful person?

Are you actually able to own most of your own mistakes?

Do you believe you have overall more strength than stress?

While most of us would consider ourselves “too blessed to be stressed”, still we manage to feel most days have become an ongoing battle to try to tame our stress levels.  Just making it through the day becomes our daily mission.

Evening Out the Joy and Sorrow Ratio

Most of us would agree that there are times when we just seem to have more stress, issues, and problems than overall … Read the rest »


Confronting Your Fears With a New Boldness

Make Everyday a Fearless One

Almost daily, I will receive emails from friends, fellow coaches or business owners writing about how they want to move forward with a new project or business but they are “just too afraid”.  “Just too afraid” does that describe you?

One of my favorite coaches, Barbara Sher, describes fear as the “gatekeeper of our comfort zones.”  Fear becomes a sign to our inner being that we are getting ready to try something new or take an unknown risk.  So, if you start to feel afraid, you could actually be doing something very right.

Most of us are familiar … Read the rest »