Ryze Up and Network Today!



Are you someone who uses social media to network or find work?

Are you perhaps someone who uses social media to make new friends?

Are you always on the lookout for the next social media channel?

Well, then listen up and read up!  Ryze might have something for you—maybe or maybe not.

What Exactly is Ryze?

It has been billed the oldest social network founded in 2001.  Ryze (pronounced “rise”) was founded by Adrian Scott, who was also the founding investor for Napster.  Anyone remember Napster?  Just a little social media history here, Facebook was founded in 2003, … Read the rest »


How to Find Your Perfect Work-At-Home Job

Find Your WAH JobI constantly get emails from individuals who want me to find the “best” or “perfect” work-at-home job for them.  Now, don’t get me wrong as a PFYP™ career coach, I love helping people, but I want to do more than help—I want to empower.  Knowledge is power.  How many times have you heard that? 

I want to teach them how to fish and not just give them the fish.  Plus, while work from home jobs can be nice and there are some good ones out there, I’d really like to see most of you launch your own side hustle or … Read the rest »


Know the 4 Buying Signals From Your Customers

Know Buyer's Body Language

Do you know when a buyer is ready to close a sale and take your product or service?

Do you know how to listen for these four signals?

More importantly, do you know how to tune in and lead the customer to the sale?

Why Everyone is Really In Sales

I know what you are thinking.  You just don’t like sales.  You are NOT a salesperson.  You basically just want to be a cake decorator and decorate amazing cakes out of your own home—living happily ever after.  Or you just want to be a dog groomer or a freelancer graphic Read the rest »


8 Tactics Anyone Can Use to Start and Grow a Business

piggy bank

Last week I had lunch with a former colleague, and she asked me how I had managed to start and grow a business in one of the worse recessions next to the Great Depression. I thought about it, and realized that I wasn’t doing anything different than I had done before.

See, I have learned to use these eight tactics for business growth which work in good times and bad times. When my husband and I had our real estate business, we did these. When I had my arts and crafts business, I did these. Now in my coaching practice, … Read the rest »