Are you someone who uses social media to network or find work?

Are you perhaps someone who uses social media to make new friends?

Are you always on the lookout for the next social media channel?

Well, then listen up and read up!  Ryze might have something for you—maybe or maybe not.

What Exactly is Ryze?

It has been billed the oldest social network founded in 2001.  Ryze (pronounced “rise”) was founded by Adrian Scott, who was also the founding investor for Napster.  Anyone remember Napster?  Just a little social media history here, Facebook was founded in 2003, and Twitter was founded in 2006. 

I originally joined Ryze in 2005 with a group of friends while I was still working a regular job-job.  I stayed an active member up until about 2009.  I just became more active with the other larger social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Looking back, I just became less and less active on Ryze causing me to drift away.  Then I decided to re-explore the possibility again in 2016.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience.  In fact, it was my first time on social media, and I did begin to learn the ins and outs of social media.  I also polished up my networking skills.  At the time, I will say that while I did enjoy connecting with my friends and fellow writers and VAs (wasn’t a coach then), I did encounter a lot of MLM folks and less than desirables.  I did meet one very nice lady, who did give me a good work-at-home job lead.  So, goes history.    

Like all social networks, Ryze was and still is a place to do what just about everyone does on social media:

  • Invite friends and colleagues to join
  • Build a network (business or interest-based)
  • Join networks and groups
  • Create networks and groups
  • Create a profile
  • Post photos

While Ryze is similar to other social media sites, there are a few differences that we can discuss here.  A few things that you will notice right away if you join Ryze, are it is much smaller than Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  It is definitely not as aesthetically appealing—not as fancy. 

In comparison, it is not as casual as Facebook, but not as formal as LinkedIn.

What Else Makes Ryze Unique?

Outside of not being as fancy as other social media sites or as big, Ryze does tend to have more “friend of a friend” tighter networks.  While you can invite others to join you on Ryze, if they are already a member, you almost have to utilize other friends’ connections to get them into your own network.  At least, that has been my experience. 

You can search for just friends in your area solely on location and not just on name like you would on Facebook.  You can do the same thing when searching for events in your area.    

What Other Features Does Ryze Have?

Without giving away all of its “goodies”, it does have a Classified section as well as a Jobs Advertised section.  One thing I did like about the Classified section was that it was more individuals posting opportunities and items than large groups doing all of the posting.  Not there is anything wrong with that!   It just gave more of a local newspaper appeal.

On the Jobs Advertised, I did see a lot of MLM opportunities, but then I also saw a few freelance opportunities as well.  I also saw virtual assistants and freelance writers there connecting and networking. 

Is Ryze Totally Free?

While Ryze is free to join and set up a profile, you are limited to the less advanced search feature.  It is $10.00 a month to upgrade from a free membership to a gold membership.  You can advertise your business for an additional fee as well.

What Do Others Think of Ryze?

PC Magazine once gave it a 4 out of 5 rating, but this was several years ago.  SiteJabber only gave it a 1 out of 5 rating, but again, that was several years ago.  You don’t hear much about it anymore, but there are legitimate companies and individuals still using it.  Maybe just not as much, since most individuals want to be on the more “active” social media sites. 

What Does All of This Really Mean and What Life Lessons Comes Out of This?

Whether you join Ryze or not, there are a few things that I would like for you to take from this blog post.  As you begin rediscovering and reinventing yourself and your business(es) and pursuing your unique calling and purpose by doing work that you love, you will begin to look at things differently.  At least, I hope you will learn to do that.

You can look at an opportunity like joining or not joining Ryze and take one of five approaches—actually more—if you have ever coached with me.

I will try to come up with five that I know everyone has probably heard about sometime in your life.  You could take the approach of:

  • Big Fish/Small Pond – Well, since not many people are using this social media, I will use it as an opportunity to shine and stand out with less competition.
  • Diamond in the Rough – Even if I only find one good client, it was worth my time and/or money for it paid for itself many times over.
  • Road Less Traveled – This is what I want to use, and I will find a way to make it work. I can think outside-the-job box, so why can’t I think outside-the-social media box?
  • It’s a Hammer Use It – I’ll just use this hammer along with the rest of the tools in my toolbox. I can probably reach those that I couldn’t reach on other social media sites.
  • My Time Is Valuable – In business, time is money; I am not going to waste either. My time is too valuable, because when it runs out so does my life.  I will use or not use it.

In Conclusion

Just curious if anyone else here has tried or retried Ryze.  If so, please feel free to post your experiences below.  Also, if you want to connect with me, my handle is PurposefulCoach there.



PFYP Certified Career Coach
Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!


Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!

2 thoughts on “Ryze Up and Network Today!

  1. Hello! I’m looking to WFH to bring home some extra income. Can you please direct me on the right path so I can get some type of response from some companies? Or if you can give me any tips please?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. That is a great question. You can actually use my blog and several others to get work-from-home jobs. Have you seen the section on my blog’s search engines with work-from-home companies. My newsletter also mentions several of these jobs. It is a lot of work to get and secure a work from home job, but once you learn how to fish for them (which will be 60%) of your time, you will be fine.

      Once you find one job, you will find others just by networking with your work from home buddies. That is what I did. I recommend you just keep applying, applying, applying. You can also use Indeed or FlexJobs to find work at home jobs. Indeed is free and has all kinds of jobs waiting for you! Now, if you don’t have any experience, you can always start at places like Mturk or Microworkers or go sign up with or Companies and individuals both from all over the world are looking for workers like you. Upwork can be a great place to start (not always a lot of money) and as you gain experience–raise your rates.

      I also wrote several tips in one of my articles here on finding your perfect WAH (work-at-home) job. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

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