Why The Sworkit App Is So Popular

It’s important for us busy freelancers to stay in shape. Perhaps you want to stay glued to your chair. It can get awfully comfortable working from home sometimes. It makes you never want to leave your house.  

Maybe you’re thinking of downloading a workout app, but you’re not sure because fitness apps are too difficult to use, or you have to pay for add-ons like videos.

The newest app called Sworkit allows you to work out anytime you can. The great thing about this app is that you can customize your workouts. Sworkit Lite is a free version and a paid version available. Sworkit also has a premium account that makes it feel as if you a personal trainer at all times. The app is available on both Google Play and iOS.

Why is this app so hot among freelancers? A team of sports scientists tested 30 free fitness apps and found the Sworkit Lite was most closely aligned with the American College of Sports Medicine’s training guidelines. The guidelines state that your workout should include aerobics, flexibility, and strength and resistance training.

It should also follow the guidelines when it comes the frequency, intensity, and type of workouts; and it should include important safety measures so beginners can start safely.

No fitness app is perfect, of course. Freelancers will have different needs when it comes to finding the perfect workout. Sworkit comes with its share of pros and cons. It all depends on what you need for your work-at-home life.

Sworkit Allows You To Work It Anytime

Thankfully, the interface is simple and clean to use. You can choose whether you want to do cardio, strength, yoga, or basic stretching. You don’t need any equipment to perform any of these exercises. All you need is your body. Another plus is that you can do these workouts at home or on the road.

There’s also an option for a 5-minute workout or a custom workout. If you choose a custom workout, you can choose how long you want to work out for.

If you’re crunched for time, then go for the 5-minute workout. You can also break up your workouts in 5-minute segments throughout the day. Get a quick stretch in or do some yoga. This will make you get off your butt and stretch your joints.   

The workout list is extensive, and there is a wide variety of exercises. However, some may be easier than others. Each exercise comes with an animation to show you exactly how to perform it since proper form is important.

The cardio and strength exercises last 30 seconds, with a break after each set of five exercises. The stretching section provides plenty of warmup exercises, while the yoga section includes the yoga sun salutation, yoga full sequence, yoga for runners, and a Pilates workout.

This Shouldn’t Be Your Only Fitness Regimen

There are hardly any cons associated with the Sworkit app. However, I must throw you a few cons, or this wouldn’t be much of a review. One major con is that it can be boring to use more than twice a week.

While the app has plenty of options, you don’t want to make it the only part of your workout routine. While Sworkit scored high in the American College of Sports Medicine’s review, it lost points for not including a well-rounded training programs for beginners to get started safely.

Sworkit is in its beginning stages. There is plenty of room for improvement, though. A beginner may want to go over some important safety measures with a personal trainer before using the app.


While the Sworkit app isn’t perfect, you shouldn’t rule it out. It’s cheap and effective. You can work out anytime, anywhere without any equipment. It gives you a full workout, which is great for busy freelancers and stay-at-home moms.

You can choose pre-built custom workouts or create your own. Sworkit adds exercise programs often. It offers stretches and yoga along with cardio and body weight training. Not to mention it has a large variety of exercises, and it’s easy to use.

If you’re a busy freelancer who travels from hotel to hotel, you may want to download this app to your smartphone. Having a fitness routine is important. While Sworkit shouldn’t be your only entire plan, it gives you time to squeeze in a quick workout.

Chanel Adams
Chanel D. Adams is a freelance writer, essayist, and blogger. She currently has a degree in medical office administration and plans to study Theology with a minor in women's studies. Chanel enjoys writing about fashion, beauty, and health with a celebrity focus. In her spare time, she loves practicing yoga, going to the beach, and visiting Walt Disney World. Her website is ChanelNo1.

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