A Father's Influence

By Wendy Baldwin, a guest writer

Let me tell you a story…

Eugene’s single-wide trailer house, parked on the outskirts of town wasn’t much to look at. But it was the best he could afford with his meager wages. His ratting 1969 Ford Galaxy that he bought with 235,000 miles on the odometer sat in the dirt driveway beside the weathered porch.

He married his high school sweetheart two months after graduation. Baby Sarah burst into the world 10 ½ months later. Eugene’s heart swelled as big as a ripe watermelon in summer at the sight of his daughter’s contagious smile.

With money always tight, his wife became an expert at clipping coupons and buying prepackaged food in bulk and on sale. Though the nutritional value leaned towards debatable, it usually filled the belly.

The $17.93 tucked in his front frayed jeans’ pocket would barely buy enough gas to get by till payday.

Eugene’s easy smile masked the niggling that tickled his soul. The inner battle that ebbed and flowed inside this young man told him that he wasn’t quite good enough…Even though another part of him longed for a better life for himself and his new family.

Some days he questioned why his wife would marry him. And wondered if his daughter would grow up to be ashamed of him for a host of possible reasons. To ease his self-doubt, he justified his inability to earn more money and lack of self-esteem as living the hand life dealt him

As a young boy, Eugene perched himself on the highest branch of an old oak tree. Safely out of sight of his parents’ tattered two bedroom house, he’d daydream. Some days he’d pretend to fight an angry, charging bull at the Colosseum in Italy, or snorkel among colorful fish through the mysterious Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Or climb the rugged, snowy terrain of the Swiss Alps.

Some days he dared entertain all three fantasies at once.

Some days he even dreamed about owning his own model train store. The clack-clack of the train wheels against steel shot electrical jolts of joy throughout his body.

However, instead of getting out and exploring beyond the county line, he passed each day stuck in the small town his family called home. He couldn’t seem to make himself break free of the invisible ropes that tied him to the constant, quiet questioning of his self-worth.

Being a new husband, Eugene started working at the local hardware store. He started out as a one-man cleaning crew and eventually advanced to head cashier.

But that’s where his promotions stopped. Customers loved him. He knew the answer to nearly every question a befuddled homeowner could ask. His boss rated him a dedicated employee. For some reason though, he could never bring himself to stretch beyond his comfort zone.

What he had wasn’t enough to make him feel as good on the inside as he portrayed on the outside. He secretly feared his wife would someday grow tired and want more out of life too. Then she would leave him. All alone.

Eugene did not believe he was good enough to have what he wanted.

Yes, Eugene was positive he had life the best it could ever get for him and his family. Fancy cars, big houses, a six figure income were all for other people. The humble home that his father worked two jobs to pay for was proof that life was hard.

Understandably, Eugene accepted the same for himself. Even though a part of him didn’t want to.

What this hardworking, honorable man didn’t understand was:

  • He too was deserving of a better life for himself and his family if that’s what he desired.
  • He didn’t have to stay stuck in a state of lack unless he chose to.
  • He could literally “blame” his father for at least a part of his financial mindset.

Now the first two points might sound unrealistic and the third one obscene.

So let’s focus on #3.

Focusing on DNA.

As you know, we inherit our parent’s DNA. We might end up with our mother’s slate blue eyes and our father’s size 13 shoe. That is simple science.

But what you may not be aware of, and most people aren’t, is this: You also inherit your parent’s views of the world. As well as those of our grandparents AND great-grandparents.

Sure, you may not agree with everything they believe on a conscious level, but you harbor their views on a cellular level.

And that’s where it stays until you do something about it.

A brilliant scientist named Professor Marcus Pembrey of the Institute of Child Health UCL, is an expert in this area of human genetics. What he explains in the dynamic documentary, “The Ghost in our Genes”, is how this works.

He clearly states that you inherit not only DNA and genes from your family, but you also inherit their stress.

Science has discovered that one area of stress that you inherit is your father’s beliefs about life, abundance and self-worth during HIS puberty. This becomes “programmed” in you at conception. And then affects you on a subconscious level throughout life.

Here’s the bad news…

The bad news is this can inhibit you from earning as much money as you desire. As well as make you feel as if you are undeserving of your wildest dreams…. Fearful of expanding beyond your comfort zone. And any host of negative and crippling perceptions about yourself and the world around you.

Doing affirmations, in an effort to change those beliefs, usually doesn’t work. That’s because your subconscious self believes what is already programmed. Your subconscious mind calls you a liar and ignores you.

Now, before you seriously go and blame your dad for anything, remember this…

He inherited his emotions too. So couple what was passed on to him with his life experiences, you can see how he may have had a double whammy against him…Just like you might have.

Now for the good news…

You have the power to change and let go of your father’s negative views. You do this with what is known as “energy healing” or “energy clearing.” This is where you “go back in time” and heal the pain of your father’s past.

This might sound “way out there” and “woo woo” but it’s real.

When you “clear the air” of other people’s subconscious anxieties and experiences, you allow yourself to live a whole new level of freedom. Your life is stressful enough. Then when you combine it with the stress of your ancestors, you really take a wallop!

By being willing to explore and let go of inherited pain and blocks, you make room for living YOUR life now. Instead of someone else’s. You will be happier. More abundant on many levels.  And emotionally healthier.

… And that’s the way life is supposed to be.

Eugene, from our story above, hadn’t heard of the science behind his feelings and outcome in life. He also didn’t know about energy healing. If he had, he could have freed himself from his father’s pain. And as far back as the family pattern went.

Do you see yourself like Eugene in secretly desiring more out of life on any level but feel stuck? Perhaps you aren’t earning as much from your business. Or can’t seem to find some level of inner peace and joy…

If so, then take comfort in understanding this….You can take charge and get what your heart truly desires. Regardless of what you currently experience.

Step one is being willing to go outside your comfort zone and explore possibilities. What would your life look like if you had more confidence in yourself? More money in the bank each month?

What if you had the potential to reach deeper levels of joy and fulfillment?

Take a minute and think about what that would mean to you. You don’t need to hide up a tree and daydream like Eugene. Simply sit where you are. Take a time-out and let your imagination flow.

If what you envision is better than what you currently have, then take charge and let go.

Remember that you can do this with the tool of energy healing at your disposal. It’s fast. And it’s exhilarating to shed energetic weight that slows you down.

Knowledge is powerful. Use what you now understand as one of your new, key tools for moving forward in business and life. No more excuses!

Imagine… you have the power to shape your sprouting family tree. You’ll thank yourself. And so will your generations to come.




Wendy Baldwin is an energy and wellness coach. She works with people around the world clearing the pain and blocks to success while promoting health and joy in life.  She holds appointments by phone or at events. To learn more about Wendy and energy healing, log onto her site at https://www.align-with-joy.com.



PFYP Certified Career Coach
Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!


Leisa Bain Good is a certified PFYP™ career coach and the owner of Powerfully Purposed for Success. She offers a unique style of career coaching tailored to freelancers, artists, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and those with non-traditional jobs. She also helps those who'd like to go freelance figure out what they really want out of life and finally get there!

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  1. Not many peopIe are aware of this. I do believe that we get some of our parent’s habits, good or bad. Though we may be genetically predisposed to some of the bad habits, I also believe that we can transform ourselves to better versions of our parents, or in this case, our dads.

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