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Freelancers Sworkit Out With This New Fitness App

Why The Sworkit App Is So Popular

It’s important for us busy freelancers to stay in shape. Perhaps you want to stay glued to your chair. It can get awfully comfortable working from home sometimes. It makes you never want to leave your house.  

Maybe you’re thinking of downloading a workout app, but you’re not sure because fitness apps are too difficult to use, or you have to pay for add-ons like videos.

The newest app called Sworkit allows you to work out anytime you can. The great thing about this app is that you can customize your workouts. Sworkit … Read the rest »


How Not to Dress Like a Slob When Working From Home

You Can Dress For Success Even When Working From Home

Working from home has its perks. Some like not working on a set schedule. Others love not having to deal with face-to-face meetings or traffic jams.

After a while, you can get a little too comfortable. You’ll find yourself working on your laptop in bed. Maybe you don’t want to get out of bed or change out of your pajamas.

I, too, work from home, so I understand. But, I still manage to pull together something. It’s not hard to dress for your job – even if your job is … Read the rest »


The Best Small Business Advice I Gave in 2016

Looking back to 2016, I must say I really did get my soapbox out and roll up my sleeves and deliver the good news of self-employment to the cubicle farmers and the downtrodden of 9-to-5. Most of this is what I learned while attending Hard Knocks University.   Then again, maybe it was 12 Steps for Hard Headed People

Well, anyway I must say that in 2016 I did pour out my advice and passion when it came to business advice to small business owners.

The articles in alphabetical order are:

4 Strategies to Go From Stuck to Unstuck TodayRead the rest »


Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016

Even though my blog is still fairly new, it did manage to work out its own little top 10 blog posts list.  I am just bursting at the seams with all of the things that I have planned for 2017—both online and offline.  And yes!  I have many more great posts spinning around in my head and keyboard just bursting to get out. 

I hope that all of you will stick around and be able to use this blog as one of the many available resources for searching for home business ideas, work from home ideas, and just plain old … Read the rest »


How to Defend Your Dreams Without Ruining Your Holiday Meal


Are you dreading the holidays this year?

Are you worried that friends and family are going to be asking you a lot of nosy questions?

Are you worried about what you will say or wondering if you should say anything to defend your dreams?

What Are the Holidays Really For Anyway?

One of the best things about the holidays is sitting down to festive meals with friends and family.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or something else—the holidays are about family, fun, and food!

Many of the foods served even have a particular story or tradition attached to them.  … Read the rest »


Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur This Week

blues-singer singing as an entrepreneur


Are you one who can quickly embrace change and move quickly to make things happen?

Are you a self-starter who is naturally curious?

Do you usually see the “big picture”?

Well then good for you.  You are a born entrepreneur, and hopefully the rest of the population can also adopt your level of thinking.

Why Try to Think Like an Entrepreneur?

One of the biggest problems that I see when people come to me and want to start a business is that they are trying to be entrepreneurs, but with an employee mentality.  The minute they open their mouths, … Read the rest »


Why It Is Okay to Fail In Your First Attempt at Self-Employment



Why it’s okay to whatF-f-f-fail?

There I said it.  Fail.  I dropped the f-bomb.  Well, not that f-bomb!

You are probably thinking about now, that I must not be much of a coach to say that it is okay to fail.  However, it truly is okay to fail in your first or even second attempt at self-employment. Now, I have said it again.  It is okay to fail.

There are people so afraid of failure that they are afraid to even attempt a small business.  They are so all-consumed with what-if, what-if.  So, what if you … Read the rest »


Get Back In Control Today

Get Back Control Today

Do you often feel as if troubles are walking all over you?

Do you continuously operate in an overwhelming, stressed state?

Do you long to take back control of your life, business, and today?

Well, this article will discuss 10 (ten) ways to do get back into control starting today.


At first glance, doubtlessly positive thinking or intuition and real life challenges have nothing to do with one another.

In any case, anyone—including you—who has ever faced challenging life circumstances can create negative assumptions based on what you are seeing as you go through it.  As fellow human … Read the rest »


Don’t Give Up Too Soon–Your Purpose Will Shine Through

PurposeHave you ever put a lot of time and effort into something, only not to see results fast enough?

Are you now beginning to doubt your own talents, skills, and purpose?

Do you doubt that this could really be your right livelihood or right choice? 

Well, the good news is that we all have.  We all want to see results, and generally see them quickly.  That is just good old human nature.

So, Why Don’t We See Results Right Away?

There can be so many reasons why.  Sometimes it just takes our message a while to begin to resonate with … Read the rest »


Happy Memorial Day and Please Do Remember!

Memorial Day






Wishing everyone a very Happy Memorial Day!

While you are out and about on this Memorial Day enjoying the cookouts, fireworks, parades or awesome mattress sales—take a moment to reflect on your many freedoms.  The freedom to worship where you want.  The freedom to choose where to live.  The freedom to pursue your dreams. 

Even the freedom to discover your true livelihood and purpose and start living it out.  This is the mission that we have here at Powerfully Purposed for Success.

However, also remember that all of this freedom, which we have previously mentioned, … Read the rest »